Sometimes, we never accept the truth; we assume that it’s so ugly that it’s can’t be told to people because, we don’t have the courage to do so then, we get ourselves shamed.

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90% of the truth told are not done willingly rather by persuasion from humans or conscience.

How to learn to accept the truth?

– Primarily, tell yourself the truth:- A proverb says “you can deceive everyone but, you can’t deceive yourself”.
Yourself, you can’t deceive therefore, learn to admit the truth to yourself and work on it.

– Learn to listen to others:- Other human keeps a close watch at you to note your flaws, if any human discussion your flaws with you, appreciate it not all humans do that, some are awaiting to use your flaws against you.

– Learn to be truthful:- The truth, set you free from every deceitful lifestyle forwhy, one truth leads to another truth and one lie leads to another lie. So, which do you chose?
To be a liar or a truther?
Well in my prescription, I will recommend that you should be a truther.

The truth:-
– Gives you a well defined dignity. – Makes you a (wo)man of integrity.
– Generate an apex of greatness
– Gives you higher platforms daily.

To be honest, it’s quite cumbersome to be a truther tho, lots of temptable situations will come your way but, if you can stand up to the truther that you’re, you’ll win the race and benefits more than expected.

Written by:- Blessing Ekans Jnr.
Thanks for reading.
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