Lil Peep – Star Shopping

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Lil Peep Star Shopping Mp3 Download

Lil Peep Star Shopping Mp3 Download – If you poll a group of Lil Peep fans on their favorite song of his, you’re guaranteed to hear “Star Shopping” a number of times. The song has never been released on streaming and it’s unfortunate that it has had to arrive after the artist’s untimely death but, alas, the track has made its way onto streaming. It’s been a fan favorite for years and although it wasn’t included on Come Over When You’re Sober Pt. 2, “Star Shopping” is officially out today.

The song gives an eye into how Peep began his genre-shifting revolution with his mother recalling, “Gus actually composed the lyrics to ‘Star Shopping’ on his phone, in his Notes app, on August 16, 2015–right after a trip to Cambridge for his grandfather’s birthday.” Until now, we’ve only been able to listen to the song through dubious measures but thanks to Liza Womack and the rest of Peep’s estate, we can now officially enjoy the early stages of Lil Peep.

Download and enjoy it below


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