Madonna – Crave Ft. Swae Lee

Madonna – Crave Ft. Swae Lee madonna crave swae lee mp3 download 1528181264

Madonna Crave Swae Lee Mp3 Download

Madonna Crave Swae Lee Mp3 Download – The anti-ageist fancies herself the same person who once trolled David Letterman with yes/no answers to the point of ridicule. That’s where Swae Lee comes into play, as the Tristan to her Isolde, the Billy Bob to Angelina’s vial of blood. Between the two of them, there’s no shortage of spunk to make the rounds.

It’s easy to see why Madonna went with the much-younger Swae Lee as her fictional “better half.” The twenty-something-year-old is essentially a water-downed version of the men she used to date (i.e. Dennis Rodman). So, before you go about doubting her personage, check the transcripts one last time before perusal.

While “Crave” is already available in select markets, the full-version only becomes available to North Americans at midnight. After seeing Madame X through to the finish line (tomorrow, May 10), the 60-year old singer will embark on a short concert run in three major US cities: Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles.

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