The year turns half
A part of the year’s half is gone
The remains aren’t for luck rather work
The work isn’t for the feeble but the potent

THE SECOND HALF. IMG 20180701 022426

The strength lost
The regular drainage of energy
The surrounding of a moist trauma
The heap of thoughts without solution
The set of constant trials with no ending
The opposition came from every with a root somewhere
With a competition, you feel you can’t conquer

The trophy ahead isn’t easy to get
Yet, the conquerors awarded themselves with it
The competition becomes tougher
Yet, there’s always a companion

Why can’t you be the companion in the second half?
Why can’t you conquer in the competition and become the conqueror in the second half?

Here is another chance to achieve your dreams this year.
Don’t waste the second half.

Happy July.
Scripted by; Blessing Ekans Jnr.

Thanks for reading!

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