UCHE NWOSU: The Son Of A Catechist Loved By All

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Uche Nwosu, the former chief of staff to the Imo state governor Rochas Okorocha, has always been the true choice of the people. Being born and brought up in Imo state in Nkwere Local Government Area, has endured him as the son of the soil and his traditional childhood has betrothed him the experience of the grassroot government even before he assured to become the fledgling young politically inclined personality.

Uche Nwosu, is true son of his father, a catechist in Imo state with an admirable religious background which is completely mirrored in his admirable qualities both in politics and in his philanthropic pursuit.

His education has no record of any superiority or class, he was a survivor of the common hardship like everyone else in the society and a product of handwork and dedication. The modest Nwosu, attended public schools from his primary to his secondary school.
Therefore, have tasted the bitter system of maladministration and the dangers of a poor educational system. Uche Nwosu, has been in the same shoe like every average and low class Income earners of Imo state and knows where it itches.

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In all his experience he had sworn to climb to the top and make the change he wishes to see. He has ever since been done well in his political career, under the fine rule of Rochas Okorocha as the Chief of Staff of Imo State from 2011 – 2013 and also the Commissioner for Land from 2013-2015.

Being the Commissioner for land from 2013 to 2015 has accorded him the ability to understand the grassroot level, with deep respect for culture and traditions. This has drawn him closer to the masses, to observe and analyse first hand the the needs of the ever growing societies of Imo State.

His upbringing has always been a lifestyle of discipline and morals, being brought up in a traditional environment like the Nkwere and also in a Christian family affords him the understanding of the norms and societal value and also the respect of religion, giving him the balanced judgment of both parts of the society.

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Uche Nwosu’s experience has readied him for leadership and is enough manifesto even before his ambition to declare to become Imo state next Governor suffice.
Even though his counterparts swooped his rightful ticket to contest as the governor of Imo state under the All Progressive Congress party, APC.

His attractiveness exhumed recent aura that has put him on almost every news headlines in the past few months and the political forefront of the nation’s upcoming election. The promising young politician has shown a record of persistent transparency, in his political dealings and in the discharge of his duties in office.

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Despite all odds, the good citizen of Imo has remained pleased with the outcry of the Imolite about the politicking that lead to his loss in the APC primaries. He has received a lot of support from the Imo state indigenes who have declared him as ‘The people’s choice.’

More so, the state house of assembly who gave him their support to come out as a governorship candidate in order to maintain the free education policy that governor Rochas footed in Imo state. A fight which the Imolites thought has bitten the dust, but from the ashes Uche Nwosu has resurrected that dream.

Nwosu has served in various capacity that has been of great impact to Imo state. He is dedicated democrat and an advocate of engenderment of civic rights of citizens and gives the life of the poor man in the society a sense of self-worth.

Despite all the road blocks mounted by other parties and counterparts to deter the fast rising transparent and prominent politician, he has shown doggedness and have refused to partake in the politics of give and take or even depend on Godfatherism. His mettle has earned him a governorship ticket in AA and Nwosu is fully armed to the teeth and ready for the Imo State gubernatorial election, 2019.

Nwosu, has maintained a clean political slate since his appointment as the deputy chief of staff in Imo state. The young politician has also involved in humanitarian service behind the cameras and is a core member and contributor of the Rochas Okorocha foundation.
It was not until Nwosu decamped from APC to Party for Action Alliance (AA) diverting all his supporters to the party. His political worth, increased as newsmen have begun to surmise the impact it might have on the presidential election. He might just be that one hole that might sink the titanic APC party.

But Nwosu, has still shown dedication and loyalty to his former party, by pledging his support for president Mohamed Buhari (PMB) in the upcoming election despite his recent rift with the party.

Therefore, it has become paramount to call the transparent man ‘Nwosu the understanding and merciful.’ Because of the selfless attitude that his wonderful personality puts forwards.
Nwosu is a refined politician who have the domesticated understanding of the grassroot government instead of the usual Aso rock politicians who rule from the capital, abandon and kill the people’s needs and bury them in the graves political grammars.

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